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The Euroliver Foundation supports scientific research and training programs in the realm of liver transplantation. The Foundation grants The Herman Tob Fellowship for Liver Transplantation and gives The Euroliver Award at the bi-annual European Society Organ Transplantation (ESOT).

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We dessiminate information related to liver transplantation among institutions, the media and the general public. The Euroliver Foundation has published information brochures on prevention of liver related affection. It also supports information campaigns that aim at raising the awareness on organ donation.

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The Foundation has initiated psychological support programs for patients waiting to receive transplants or who have already received transplants.


May 2016 : The Euroliver Foundation has retained Samuele Iesari as the recipient of The Herman Tob Memorial Grant for Liver Transplantation.

September 2015 : The Euroliver Foundation is proud to announce that the recipients of the Euroliver Foundation Award are Francesca Tinti and Quirino Lai .

February 2015 : The Euroliver Foundation announces that it will handover two Awards during the coming ESOT Congress in Brussels.

December 2014 : The Euroliver Foundation has granted The Herman Tob Fellowship for Liver Transplantation to Dr Milton Inostroza Nunes from Chile. Dr Inostroza is following a training of one year at the Unit of Abdominal Transplantation, of the University Hospital St-Luc in Brussels.



Keith Haring show, official inauguration of the Foundation (1993)


RTB: interview of Herman Tob at the Belgian TV (french)  



VRT : Interfiew of Herman Tob at the Belgian TV (dutch)



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